Desktop Gold Features

Handling Emails

Customize your emails to match your personal style by adjusting text size and color, incorporating emoticons, inserting hyperlinks, experimenting with various fonts, and more.

Saving Your Favorite Bookmarks

Effortlessly store your most frequently visited or favorite website links for convenient and speedy access.

Protection Against Phishing

Desktop Gold automatically filters all phishing and spam emails to ensure your email security and safety.

Surfing the Internet

Desktop Gold comes with its own browser, ensuring that you visit only safe and trusted websites.

Password Solution

The Desktop Gold Setup browser password manager offers a secure and user-friendly solution for saving and managing your passwords.

Online Chatroom

It is an excellent feature that enables users to connect with others through chat.

Expert Help is Just a Phone Call Away!

  • Set Up
  • Protect
  • Chat
  • Troubleshoot

Advantages of AOL Desktop Gold

The best part of Echo devices is that the setup process takes a few minutes. However, you need to be a bit attentive so that everything happens safely. In case you are stuck anywhere or need a professional helping hand, you can contact our technicians. To set up your smart speaker on your own, perform the actions given below:

    User-Friendly Installation: Setting up this software is a straightforward process, guided by step-by-step instructions for easy installation.

    Interactive Chat Rooms: Enhance your connectivity with others through chat rooms, offering a more personalized touch to your interactions.

    Enjoy Online Games: Desktop Gold provides access to a variety of online games, including puzzles, racing, and more, allowing users to indulge in their gaming preferences.

    Email Management: Effortlessly access, send, and receive emails, attach files, and securely store email credentials, all within the software.

    Seamless Web Browsing: Browse the web hassle-free with Desktop Gold, experiencing uninterrupted and limitless access to the internet.

    Printing Convenience: Easily print web pages or essential documents directly from the program, simplifying the process.

    Password Manager Integration: Effortlessly enable or disable the password manager feature in the software by accessing the password tab.

    Anti-Keylogging Protection: Desktop Gold enhances your security by concealing typed letters or characters while you're signed in, minimizing the risk of data theft.

    Suspicious Website Alerts: Receive alerts when attempting to visit potentially harmful websites, providing a warning before accessing them.

    Screenshot Security: Protect your information from unauthorized screenshot attempts by enabling this feature (requires prior activation).

Some Information About Desktop Gold

    Version: Gold

    Language: English

    Pricing: $6.99 USD per month (Exemption applies if already subscribed)

    Size: 20 MB

    Developer: AO

    AOL Desktop Gold Highlights

    User-Friendly Interface

    This software has been meticulously crafted by skilled developers to ensure effortless usage without any hassles.

    Automated Updates

    No need to manually update; AOL Desktop Gold is designed to update itself automatically.

    Advanced Security

    Rest assured, your software is fully safeguarded against malware and cyberattacks.

    Expert Support

    Encountering any issues with AOL Desktop Gold? Don't hesitate to reach out to our team of experts for assistance.

COMMONLY ASKED QUESTIONS Is it possible to install Desktop Gold on any mobile device?

Not! Installing Desktop Gold on any Android or iOS mobile device is not supported. Desktop Gold software is specifically designed for computer or desktop use only. Even if you attempt to install Desktop Gold on your mobile, the installation process will not proceed at any stage.