How to Connect Hp Printer to Wifi Network

How to Connect an HP Printer to a WiFi Network

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Welcome to this page, which provides instructions on how to set up your Windows PC, laptop, or MAC device to join to a wifi network and attach an HP printer to it.

How to Configure an HP Printer with a WiFi Router

For help connecting your HP printer to wifi, see the instructions below:

  1. Activate your HP wireless printer.
  2. Press setup after selecting the right arrow on the touch screen.
  3. From the network menu, choose Wireless Setup Wizard.
  4. It will look for nearby wireless routers.
  5. Choose your network id from the list that is presented.
  6. Type in the network's WEP and WPA passwords, then click Done. To confirm the settings, press ok.
  7. You can either skip this step or press ok to print the wireless report.
  8. Computers can connect to the printer via wired or wireless connections and issue print commands.

Connecting A New WiFi Wireless Router To An HP Printer

  1. Find the WPS button on your router, but don't hit it yet. Activate the printer, please.
  2. Utilize the control panel to access the setup wizard.
  3. Create a secure connection between your network connection and printer. Kindly tap the setup icon.
  4. Restore network defaults by touching it.
  5. Press the yes button after selecting restore network settings.
  6. Touch the back arrow, then touch the wifi settings, and then touch the wireless setup wizard once the network settings have been restored.
  7. The printer looks for open networks.
  8. Select your wifi network's name by touching it.
  9. Click on the new network option to enter a new name for the network for your wireless connection if the name of your wireless network does not appear.
  10. Enter the WEP, WPA, or other network password, then click "Done."
  11. Please select the option to "find my network password" if you are unsure about your network password.
  12. The wifi light on the printer immediately turns on after it connects.

Common mistakes made while attaching an HP printer to a wireless connection include:

  1. If your HP printer isn't functioning via your network connection, take these actions.
  2. Please restart your wireless router and printer.
  3. Please double-check the HP printer's wifi router connection.
  4. Please check to see whether your machine has received any recent updates.
  5. Additionally, confirm that you are connected to a virtual private network.
  6. Please verify whether your printer's IP address has changed.
  7. Another problem that might arise is that the printer never operated on a network.
  8. Try cycling the printer and computer first.
  9. Make sure the printer is linked to your network by checking.
  10. Do you have the printer driver installed?
  11. Do you have a firewall or any other security software running?

How to connect your HP printer to a WiFi network and fix the aforementioned problems

  1. The aforementioned includes instructions on how to connect an HP printer to a wifi router.
  2. If there have been any modifications to your system, you must first do a system restoration process.
  3. To see if the HP printer is attached to the wifi router, generate a wireless test report. Please look for one clue that the connection area on the report clicks on the pass. When this certification is granted, it will demonstrate that the wifi printer is operating properly.
  4. For business mail at home, the VPN network is useful. Sometimes the printer and VPN network are incompatible, thus you can disable the VPN network and try printing again.
  5. Ensure that the IP address shown in both the system and the printer absolutely match by selecting Start > Windows > HP > Update IP Address.
  6. To verify that the findings indicate the connectivity area as passing, please print the test report. Again, please follow the onscreen directions to set up the printer after downloading the printer software from the official website.
  7. To function and print efficiently, the computer and HP printer need to be linked to the same network.
  8. When you install a firewall and subsequently the printer software, the printer is not listed on the network because some security software prevents communication between the computer and printer.
  9. Suddenly, a print command is rejected by your printer.
  10. The printer displays offline all the time.
  11. Even when the network is connected, the HP printer indicates that it is disconnected.
  12. Some of the features, including scanning, are not functional with an all-in-one printer.
  13. Update your firewall regularly.
  14. Keep the medium tab selected for firewall settings.
  15. Avoid enabling too many firewalls as this will cause issues and complications.

How to Install an HP Printer on a MAC:

If you wish to connect an HP printer to MAC OS, follow these instructions:

  1. Please connect the printer to the wifi network before installing the printer driver from the HP printer to configure the HP printer to the wifi router on Mac. 
  2. You can get help from the HP website to get the printer driver for Mac. 
  3. Please choose wireless as the connection type when requested during the connection. 
  4. Please click the Apple logo located in the top-left corner.
  5. Select "printer and scanner" from the menu. 
  6. To add the HP printer, click the + sign. 
  7. When you connect the printer to your computer, it should show up in the list of connected printers, indicating that the HP printer is set up. 
  8. Now choose preferences from the Apple menu to check to see if the operating system has detected the HP printer. 
  9. Pick the printer and fax options now. 
  10. The left side of the window should list your printer. 
  11. System options can be found in the Apple menu. 
  12. Select "Printer and Fax" from the menu. 
  13. Click the plus sign icon in the printer and fax icon. 
  14. In the pop-up box, click the IP button. 
  15. Choose the internet protocol from the drop-down selection for protocols. 
  16. In the address field, enter the address. 
  17. The name field will automatically contain the address. 
  18. In the name and location section, enter the printer's descriptive name. 
  19. The printer's name and location can both be changed at any time. 
  20. Choose a driver to use, then pick an HP printer from the drop-down menu that appears. By repeating the steps above, you may also add a printer to the menu that is already listed. 
  21. You may then use the search bar to find the printer you wish to add from the list of printers that will be presented. 
  22. Please choose the printer before clicking "add." 
  23. Click the following menu's proceed button now. 
  24. The printer list will now include your HP printer. 
  25. If you've added a new printer, it will be listed as the default printer; however, you can change it by choosing a different printer from the drop-down menu.
  26. When you wish to connect the HP printer to a Mac, these procedures are quite helpful.

How to Connect HP Printer to Wifi Post Changing Password:

  1. Please make sure you are aware of your network name and security password. 
  2. Please tap the wifi symbol or choose the Network option from the HP printer's control panel.
  3. Please go to the settings now. 
  4. The wireless setup wizard should be chosen.
  5. The wireless networks in a given range area are shown via the Wireless setup wizard. 
  6. To connect the HP printer to a wireless network, use the WPS method. 
  7. Activate the printer, please. 
  8. Press and hold the wireless button on the printer's control panel for at least three seconds until the wireless light flashes. 
  9. Utilize the control panel to access the setup wizard. 
  10. Create a secure connection between your network connection and printer. 
  11. Kindly tap the setup icon.
  12. Restore network defaults by touching it. 
  13. Press the yes button after selecting restore network settings. 
  14. Touch the back arrow, the wireless settings options, and then the wireless setup wizards when the network settings have been correctly restored.
  15. The printer looks for open networks. 
  16. Select your wifi network's name by touching it. 
  17. In the event that the wireless network name is not displayed, please select the New Network section to update the name of the wireless connection.
  18. Enter the WEP, WPA, or other network password, then click "Done." 
  19. If you're not sure of your network's credentials, select the "Find My Password" option.
  20. The wifi light on the printer immediately turns on after it connects.
  21. Now, on the printer's home screen, press the right arrow. 
  22. Choose the option for setup. 
  23. Select the network submenu, please.
  24. Select network defaults at the bottom of the list as you scroll down. 
  25. If you want to reset the HP printer's password, choose yes. 

Connecting an HP printer to a laptop:

Please use the methods below if you want to connect an HP printer to a laptop:

  1. Open the control panel by clicking on it in the start menu. 
  2. Choose printers and devices from the Devices and Printers menu. 
  3. To add a printer, click.
  4. Choose a Bluetooth printer or connect a printer to a wireless network. 
  5. From the list of accessible printers, pick your network printer. 
  6. A USB cable can also be used to attach your wireless printer to the HP printer. 
  7. From the Start menu, launch the settings app. 
  8. Clicking tools 
  9. select the printer or scanner to add.
  10. You must follow the on-screen steps to install the HP printer on your laptop if Windows detects your printer. 
  11. To start the wireless setup, utilize the HP printer's LCD panel. 
  12. Take care when selecting your wireless network connection. 
  13. the password for your network. 
  14. The laptop and HP printer must be connected to the same wifi network, which is the most crucial need. 
  15. Examine your network requirements; if the HP printer is physically linked to the laptop, it will print directly from any computer that is also connected to the printer. The restriction is that all laptops must have the same operating system and that they use a shared network. 
  16. The printer must be linked to your home network. 
  17. The computer that needs to share the printer has to have it installed. 
  18. You can create a wireless connection that is shared by all the other laptops by connecting the HP printer via USB to the main PC first. 
  19. Go to the control panel and click on the settings tab's build a homegroup button. Then click on the join now button and enter the network password to share the other laptops with the main computer so that the printer can be accessed. To complete the network settings, adhere to the on-screen directions. If you want to share your printer, you can select that option. You can skip this step if you

Connect HP Printer to a Computer:

  1. Activate the printer 
  2. Select the gadgets and printers from the control panel at this time.
  3. The mentioned printers' drop-down menus allow you to select a printer. 
  4. Double-click the printer after choosing it from the list. 
  5. When prompted, enter the network key or wifi password. 
  6. Once the printer has been configured with the proper network key
  7. You will be informed that the print has been added successfully to the network. 
  8. The HP printer can also be linked using a USB cable. 
  9. This step will link your desktop computer and your HP printer immediately. 
  10. You may also connect the HP printer to a homegroup network from the control panel. Once connected to a homegroup network, the printer can be shared with other workstations. By selecting the "Create a Homegroup" button, you can do so. 
  11. The printer is configured as a shared printer in the printer and devices. 
  12. You can now print from any distant location thanks to this step.


To connect your HP printer to your WiFi router, computer, MAC, or laptop, go to this article.

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