How to Install Hp Printer Drivers

Detailed Instructions for Installing HP Printer Drivers

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Review the Detailed Instructions for Installing/Setting HP Printers Driver for Windows 10, Without a CD, on a Mac.

Hello to all you tech enthusiasts! We have created a comprehensive guide regarding the printer drivers through this article. The article discusses how to install the printer drivers for Hewlett Packard (hp) printers. In the parts that follow, we discuss how to install the HP printer driver on a desktop computer, on Windows 10, on a Mac, as well as how to install the printer driver without a CD. There is a ton of useful information here. To ensure you don't miss anything, stay on the page!

The American printing company Hewlett Packard, established in 1984, has a long history and a reputable reputation in the printing industry. Due to its low prices and wide selection of personal, shared, virtual, and 3D models that meet the needs of the customer, it is in high demand. since the printer driver is the primary topic of the article. Let's spend some time learning what it means and how it can be used.

Setting your printer as the "Default Printer" setting is crucial for giving your printer the correct instructions. Follow these procedures from the HP printer troubleshooting guide to reset your printer to default mode:

Why are we required to use the HP printer driver?

The printer driver—also known as the "print processor"—is essentially a piece of software that assists the computer in converting data for printing into a form that the printer can easily understand. These printer drivers' main objective is to let software print without having to understand all the specifics of each printer model.

Let's start by installing the HP printer driver on the desktop before we talk about installing the HP printer drivers.

How to install the HP printer driver on a desktop computer after downloading it

Downloading the printer Driver
  1. Open the HP website and select the "Support and drivers" option before selecting the "Drivers and software" navigation link.
  2. Enter your product number in the field provided after selecting the "Printing and multifunction" option from the product category section, or select "Printers" from the navigation menu. Make sure you carefully choose the name of your printer from the product list.
  3. From the Navigation menu, select "Download drivers and software" at this time. Examine the available driver alternatives in detail. Click the "Download" button after selecting the item you desire.
  4. Last but not least, click "Save" and then "Browse" to choose where to save your file. Next, select "Save" to begin downloading the printer driver.
Installing HP Printer Driver
  1. The downloaded driver folder that you had saved in the previous steps should be found first. That file can be double-clicked to start the installation procedure.
  2. Select "OK" if prompted for consent to begin the installation procedure. To accept the default installation location and launch the install wizard, click "Next" after that.
  3. Select either the suggested installation or the custom installation in this phase. All of the components that a user may need are installed in the recommended version of the installation. While the custom installation, as its name suggests, gave users the chance to choose the settings they wanted. Following that, click "Install" and then "Finish" when the process is finished.

Please note: There are some drivers which might not be readily available for download. In that situation, it is essential to get in touch with HP assistance to get an installation CD.

Setup of the HP printer driver without using installation Disc/CD

What to do if you purchased a well kept used printer at a great cost and also you do not obtain a setup cd together with it or you have not obtained a setup cd with a recently purchased printer? You can still set up a printer driver for your printer! Below is a fast overview to assist you with that said.


  1. Use a compatible USB cable to connect the printer after downloading and installing the setup file from the official HP website.
  2. Make that the computer is functioning properly. Run the setup file to activate the installation wizard.
  3. After your printer name has been found in the list of possibilities, carefully follow the on-screen instructions to finish the download.
  4. It's time to print a test page now.

Follow the procedures listed below to manually install the HP Printer driver.

  1. Pick the "Add a printer" option on your Windows computer as a first step.
  2. Make sure to get the printer setup file and application. The USB cord should then be connected to the printer.
  3. Now on your Windows computer, unzip the software's folder.
  4. Select "Extract here" and then choose a place.
  5. To finish the installation process, keep doing as instructed onscreen. Once finished, test your printing.

Windows 10 installation of the HP printer driver

Here is a full walkthrough of how to install a printer driver on a Windows 10 PC. But first, take note of the qualifications.

Requirements That Must Be Met
  1. Check to see if the HP printer is on.
  2. The availability of USB cables shorter than three meters.
  3. Connect the USB cord to the screen's USB port.
  4. Remove the printer from the installed device if the USB cable has already been attached to the computer before installation to ensure a smooth setup.
  1. Start by removing the printer cable from the PC. Wait until instructed to do so throughout the installation procedure before reconnecting the cable line.
  2. Now navigate to the control panel and click "Drivers and Printers" under the "Devices" option.
  3. Click the "Remove device" option from the context menu of the printer model icon that you will be utilizing here. If there are many icons for the same printer on the screen, click each one to remove it. To move on to the following step, close the "Devices and Printers" window after that.
  4. Visit the HP website now, and after entering the model number of your printer, follow the instructions that appear on the screen.
  5. Go ahead to the following step by choosing "HP customer support - software and driver downloads".
  6. Go to the "Let's identify your product to get started" page, select "Printer," then enter your model number under the "Printer" option. then select "Submit" from the menu.
  7. If you want to switch the OS, choose your version by clicking the "Change" option.
  8. Now select "Download" for an entire package under the "Driver" category. However, select "Basic Drivers" to install drivers such as HP printer helpers.
  9. When prompted to do so on-screen, select the "Click on the USB" option as needed to move on to the following stage.
  10. Now verify the printer's functionality by printing, scanning, or sending a fax.

Let's now examine how to install the HP printer driver on a Mac. then let's get going!

Mac driver installation for an HP printer

  1. Make sure your computer is turned on and correctly linked to your printer via a USB connection, a wired network, or wifi.
  2. Now on Mac, start a brand-new print queue. Take the following actions to build a print queue.

1. Click on the Apple logo present on the upper left corner of the screen and select “System Preferences”.

A. Choose the "Print and scan" option under the Hardware section.

B. At this point, click the plus "+" icon at the bottom of the left window.

C. After entering your printer's hostname in the "Address" section, the settings will be added automatically. then select "Add" from the menu.

D. Set any other options here, then click "OK" to finish. Any print choice will give you access to your printer queue.

  1. Choose "System Preferences" from the "Apple" menu by clicking here.
  2. Click on the "System and fax" or "Print and scan" or "Printers and scanners" option, depending on your operating system version.
  3. Now carefully verify that the printer list includes your printer's name.Remove the printer and restart it to verify the connectivity if the name is listed.
  4. To add a printer or scanner, click the "+" sign, select "Add printer or scanner," then enter the name of your printer if it isn't already there.
  5. Choosing your printer's name from the "Use" or "Print using" menu here.
  6. Add a printer by selecting "Add" from the list. Once prompted, select "Download and install" to finish the installation procedure.
  7. If the "Software is currently unavailable" notice appears when you attempt to manually install the driver, simply select "Cancel" from the menu.
  8. Once the Mac HP printer driver installation is complete, close the System Preferences window.
  9. You are now prepared to use your printer to print, scan, and fax documents as needed.

If the "Software is currently unavailable" notice appears when you attempt to manually install the driver, simply select "Cancel" from the menu.

Once the Mac HP printer driver installation is complete, close the System Preferences window.

You are now prepared to use your printer to print, scan, and fax documents as needed.

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